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Medicine for Modern Diseases

by Harald W. Tietze and friends
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  • Guava, a tropical plant with incredible healing power
  • The history and origin of the guava
  • The different names of the guava
  • The Australian guava
  • Cultivation of the guava
  • Guava as an Indoor Plant
  • Guava for the taste buds' pleasure
  • Keeping healthy and fit
  • Guava recipes
  • Guava as medicine
  • Guava - a healing remedy world-wide
  • Science discovered the healing power of guava
  • How to make and use your own guava medicine
  • The best preservation: lactic acid fermentation
  • Guava - Papaya - Concentrate
  • Guava preparations
  • Homeopathic guava
  • Guava Flower Essence
  • Applications of Guava of A-Z
  • Guava for health and beauty
  • Other uses of guava
  • Practical hints for better health and vigour
  • The way to freedom
  • Final remark from Harald