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Health For All #7

by Harald W. Tietze
Health For All 07
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  • Electromagnetic fields can Kill -
    • Electromagnetic fields can Heal
  • Serious health risks are linked with electromagnetic field emissions (EMF) Are you Safe?
  • Dr. Gauss, the EMF Detective
  • What are EMF's?
  • EMF Fields and Real Estate Values
  • Healing with Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields
  • Why would anyone need electro-magnetic therapy?
  • Are there any contraindications in using the elmag?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Should I stop taking prescription medications while using pulsed electro-magnetic therapy?
  • Can you overdose on pulsed electro-magnetic therapy?
  • Electrocuting Pathogens
  • Dr Robert Beck's Zapper
  • More important than the discovery of penicillin?
  • The possible cure for cancer, AIDS, herpes, influenza?
  • A simple, affordable device
  • Home made colloidal silver
  • Destroying pathogens within the lymph system
  • BICOM Resonance Therapy
  • Ethnopicking
  • It's miraculous and FREE
  • A Physician's Personal Experiences
  • Foundation of the Medical Scientific Group (MWF)
  • Medically Proven Healings
  • Even Symptoms of Attrition React to the Absorption of the Healing Stream
  • Regularity in Healing
  • Potency Potions
  • The Crafty Onion
  • Spices of the East
  • Wild Flower Remedies
  • Tinnitus
  • Percy's Powder
  • Arthritis improved
  • Pregnancy instead of uterine cancer and hysterectomy
  • Are you Youthing or Ageing?
  • Spirulina - Significant points on why I take it
  • A story of tow kittens
  • The Grape Cure
  • The new Incredible Electric KefirMaker
  • The Most Ancient Grain
  • The Healing Earth
  • Dowsing, Pendelum & Co.
  • Intuition the key for self-healing
  • Become Your Own healer
  • How do I know which remedy is the right for me?
  • Stepanovs Wild Flower Essences Remedies of Love
  • Urinews
  • The Second World Conference on Urine Therapy
  • AstroPsychology
  • Laurie Howson's Short Way to Perfect Health
  • The pH - Dead and Living Water
  • The Water Activator Unit
  • The Olive Healing plant since biblical times
  • High blood pressure and heart conditions
  • Olive Oil "makes all your aches and pains go away"
  • Olive oil for Beauty
  • Anointing Oils
  • Fatigue
  • Proper rest instead of stimulation
  • Going nuts: The Coconut
  • Coconut as medicine
  • Animals
  • This Program may be of help to cure itch in horses
  • Kombucha For Beauty