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Health For All #9

by Harald W. Tietze
Health For All 09
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  • "pH - Youthing Not Ageing"
  • a "must read" for both the doctor and his/her patients"
    • Transforming solid acids into liquid acids.
    • Flushing out wastes with ionised alkaline water.
    • Why is ionised alkaline water so important?
    • Why should I use ionised acid water?
  • You Can Beat Diabetes!
  • "Dehydration"
  • Feeling better with Kombucha
    • Tips on improving your Kombucha brew
  • Urinews
    • Ionised Urine
    • The wonders of Urotherapy
  • Environmental Stress in the Bedroom
  • Do as I say - don't do as I do!
  • Psoriasis healed with Papaya (Pawpaw)
  • Instructions for Life
  • Calendula, an excellent medicinal plant
  • Children on Legal Drugs
  • Coenzyme Q10:
    • Miracle Nutrient of the New Millenium
  • Sauna "Give me the ability to produce fever and I can heal every illness"
    • A little home sauna fits into every house
  • Why Is Papaya a Missing Chapter in the Noni Fruit Story?
  • How I saved my life twice by colon irrigation.
  • Colloidal Silver a "must" in every first aid kit
    • Allergies
    • Bladder infection
    • Athletes foot
    • Colloidal silver for all animals
    • Colloidal silver for plants
    • Colloidal silver works well with plants. Prevent mildew
  • You Can Beat the Killer Flu
    • Vaccination not enough
    • The Bug is smart
    • Let your immune system do the fighting
    • Your immune cells need nourishment
    • The key is megadosing with vitamin C
    • Amla Berry to the rescue
    • Detoxification is a must!
    • Start cleaning the gut
    • Nutrition & cleansing
  • Alive despite all predictions
  • The LIVING Kefir Network
    • Help Yourself and Help Others
    • Kefir Nonsense
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