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Health For All #12

by Harald W. Tietze
Health For All 12
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  • Indoor Pollution and Solutions
  • Indoor Plants as Pollution Fighters
  • Air Pollutant Removal by house plants over 24 hours
  • How to Deal With Antibiotic Resistance?
    • Antibiotic Resistance is a Medical Dilemma
    • Bugs That Are Out of Control
    • More Antibiotics is Not the Answer
    • The Big Four in Infection Control
    • Give Them Fighting Space
    • The Antiseptic Role of Papaya
    • Harmless to Deadly Strains
    • Super Vitamin C Source- AMLA
    • Colostrum Extract
    • Superior Clinical Results
  • Youthing - Confession of a soft drink
  • What is the worst, Soy Milk or Cow's Milk?
    • But isn't dairy food unhealthy?
    • Soy Woes
  • A candle in the ear against infections, hearing loss, ringing and itching ears
  • Knotgrass against bleeding piles and stones
  • Olive, the biblical healer
    • Olive Love Remedy
  • Clean-up of disharmonic vibrations in our own environment
    • Spiritual Cleansing
    • What are we cleansing?
    • Vibrational harmony in the Home and Work Place
    • Calming a House
    • Motel and Hotel Rooms
    • Invalid's or Hospital Rooms
    • Protecting the Home or Work Environment
  • Minerals for healthy animals
  • Fruit and vegetable juices for good health
  • Happyology
    • My Spring Garden
    • Shake it off and take a step up!
  • The Power of Water
    • Kneipp applications strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and keep you fit.
    • "There is a herbal remedy for every illness"
    • Guidelines for Herbal Baths
    • Eye Bath
    • Herbal teas and essential oils commonly used for baths and vapour applications
    • Mustard Bath
    • Bran Bath
    • Mineral Bath
    • Peat Moss Bath
    • Bathing in Wheat Husks
    • Kefir Bath
    • Russian Bath for Male Impotency
    • Compresses and Packs
    • Cold Compress on the Heart
    • Hot Compress for the Abdomen
    • Throat Pack
    • Wet Shirts
  • Nutrition through the Skin
    • Vitamins
    • Enzymes and Cosmetics
    • Spirulina for Beauty
    • Spirulina the Wonder Anti-Ageing "Living Food"
  • Workshops and Certificate Love Remedy Practitioner courses
    • Discover Your Intuitive Powers
    • Lake Mungo - A Journey to the Birthplace of Homo sapiens?
    • Practitioner Course at Lake Mungo