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Health For All #18

by Harald W. Tietze
Health For All 18
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  • Miracle Healing of the Aborigines
  • Vibrational, spiritual and miracle healing
  • Gallstone problems disappear
  • Sand paper fig against muscle pain, influenza, ringworm and diarrhea
  • "Earth as Medicine"
  • Are diseases a spiritual matter only?
  • Clay for beautiful skin
  • Colloidal Silver for horses and dogs
  • "Dead" people don't lie
  • Spirulina - Micro Food Macro Blessing
  • The Doctor's own case of cancer healing
  • Full blown AIDS healed
  • The treatment of menopausal troubles with AUT
  • Amputation avoided with urine Therapy
  • Cures against poisonous snake bites
  • "The Silent Killer": Diabetes
  • Yucca - The energy-boosting tonic vegetable
  • Kinesiology / Muscle Testing
  • Meteor Point - A place of high energies
  • Papain against diet sins?
  • Simple Ways to Prevent Cancer
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Living food for our well-being
  • Natures Pharmacy against Gout