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The Self Hypnosis Handbook

by Noel Eastwood
The Self Hypnosis Handbook
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  • What is hypnosis - history, trance, placebo, belief, meditation and hypnosis, right brain language
  • What hypnosis is not - exploring the myths
  • Self hypnosis - the way to maximise your mind - goal setting, preparation for self hypnosis, 3rd person and 1st person perspectives
  • Techniques, scripts and tapes - suggestion, programming, trigger words, creating the future, the yellow brick road, eye catalepsy, inner space landscapes,
  • Alpha Omega, fantasy island
  • Inner Space - Healing - scripts, vitality, life-force, healing hands, space invaders, scanning, headaches, glove anaesthesia, childbirth, pain control, out-of-body, post-operative recovery, scientific studies, chi breathing, immune system, Thymus Tap
  • Children - nightmares, fantasy land, illness, bed wetting, aggression and embarrassment
  • Anxiety - stage fright, interviews, panic attacks, exam nerves, fears and phobias, earthing
  • Weight loss, smoking, relationships - scripts, adult salvation, releasing the anger, breast enlargement
  • Age regression - reprogramming the past, 1st and 3rd person perspective, insight, the detective, memory lane
  • Sports hypnosis - attributes common to elite athletes, martial arts, arousal states
  • Memory, study, creativity and dreaming - learning environment, visual memory, interest, right brain, trance, dream incubation, bubbles
  • Psychic - astral travel, out-of-body, distant viewing - lucid dreams, dream body, virtual reality, chakras & kundalini, dreaming, 3rd eye, fantasy,
  • guided imagery, far sensing, Alpha Omega, inner guide, scripts, protection, flying
  • Past life therapy - feeling traces, mists of time, future lives, between lives, time travel, time tunnel
  • Spiritualism, clairvoyance and automatic writing - psychic readings, dowsing, psychometry, aura readings, overheads
  • Archetypes - Jung and astrology - sanctuary, Sun, Moon, father and mother archetypes, Mars, problems, Jenny - a case study
  • Technology - tapes and mind machines