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by Harald W. Tietze
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  • Comments about this book
  • Introduction
  • Youthing not Ageing!
  • Ageing is a slow process - and so is Youthing
  • Immortality?
  • "Immortal" blood?
  • Ageing is organic waste build up?
  • Organic Wastes
  • Why children have no arthritis?
  • "Quick fix" could do more harm than good
  • Do not think in terms of days but in months and years
  • The physical approach
  • First do no harm!
  • Why diets do not work
  • Why detoxifications are not effective
  • Getting rid of the toxins
  • Our natural disposal system
  • Transforming solid acids into liquid acids
  • Exercise
  • Looking younger does not mean being younger
  • Water - H20
  • Water is a carrier only
  • Understanding pH
  • The pH of Water
  • Mountain Water
  • "Typical" tap water
  • Treatment of drinking water with healthy additives
  • in European countries
  • Tank water
  • Typical bottled water
  • Flushing out wastes with ionised alkaline water
  • The pH in our body
  • The right balance is important
  • Stomach juice
  • Skin / Perspiration
  • Saliva
  • Saliva and Urine
  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Pancreatic juice
  • The basic minerals in our body and in our food
  • Why is acid free ionised alkaline water so important?
  • Alkaline water is not alkaline water!
  • Water softener
  • Why should I use acid water?
  • Acid water is not acid water
  • Using acid water internally?
  • What is ionisation?
  • Ionisation of water
  • When to take ionised alkaline water
  • How much should I take?
  • The right amount depends on ones diet!
  • Cooking with alkaline water
  • Commercial Alkaline water
  • Storage / Shelf life of the water
  • Ionised water for beauty
  • Diseases: "Ionic calcium deficiency syndromes"
  • Negative side effects of ionised water?
  • The Water Activator
  • Measuring pH
  • Ionising water trouble shooting
  • Oxygen Calcium Acid or alkaline FORMING Food
  • The biggest selling items in Australian Supermarkets
  • How can I know if a food is acid or alkaline forming?
  • List of foods
  • List of herbs
  • Organic food
  • Alkaline forming food could be in fact acid forming!
  • Are we starving with full stomachs?
  • Where is the bug?
  • Processing Food makes it acid
  • Drugs are acid forming
  • Other acid intensifying factors
  • Electro-pollution, Earthrays and Stress
  • Earthrays and Electro pollution
  • Electro pollution
  • Magnetic fields can change the pH of blood
  • How can you protect yourself from electro-pollution?
  • Earthrays
  • Other uses of activated ionised water
  • Activated water for plants
  • Activated water for animals
  • In Industry
  • Water filters
  • Ionised Urine
  • Percy's Powder
  • Food Ionisation
  • The memory of water
  • Levitieration of water
  • Ice flowers
  • Flower Remedies
  • Advantages of the Stepanovs Method
  • Super food from water and sunlight only
  • Colloids for better absorption
  • Colloidal Sea Minerals
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Making your own Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal Gold